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http://www.motorcycle.org.uk/ Motorcycle related links
http://www.ridefim.com/en/default.asp The FIMís International Touring site brought to you by the CML (Commission for Leisure Motorcycling). Our goal is to help guide international travellers with essential motorcycle-related information.


Leigh's Amateur Astronomy Website
http://www.motobotc.co.uk/weblinks.htm  Motorcycle touring web links
http://www.cernunnos-mcc.org/index.html  A very good motorcycle website with a vast number of links
http://www.mayflowermcc.co.uk/index.html  The Mayflower Motor Cycle Club.

Into rallies in a big way, both in the UK and Europe

http://www.swfrancebnb.com/ Le Pech,  a biker friendly bed & breakfast in S.W. France
http://www.yorkshirebikers.co.uk/ybiker.htm Yorkshire Bikers, a very informative site with loads of links
http://www.scunnybikers.com A motorcycle club based at Scunthorpe in North Lincolnshire, for riders of all makes and type of bike.


Advanced motorcycle training at Cadwell Park.  Very good value for money.

 http://www.motosport.com/motorcycle/rides/suzuki/gsxr1000-parts/Custom_Motorcycles_and_Choppers/ A link providing information about different types of bikes. (ref: Dominic)